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Straightup twenty-one (The Tri Play) is intended to be a new, fun segment of the gaming gambling entertainment industry, an industry of enjoyment for people all over the world. Straightup twenty-one was created by Montie M. Pierson and his brother Junius A. Pierson and is a copyright © December 2003.

Expectations are that what we have created here will greatly grow in popularity, exuberance and enjoyment. This game has the potential of having an attractive and rewarding result to all involved in the entire gaming gambling card playing and entertainment industry. We will show the industry a great increase in participation above what is presently occurring. The gaming industry will be pleased with this new version of Blackjack, introduced to their customers, and will want to be part of this new segment of the gaming industry.

Straightup twenty-one (The Tri Play) is a new variation/version of the original, traditional game of Blackjack twenty-one. Currently there is a positive anticipation by card players to see this new game in casinos across the world. The intent of this game is to enhance and appeal to the learning curve of the new players. The new players like what the gaming gambling establishments have given them for home play and are eager to receive rewards from their play that will be redeemable at casinos or gaming sites of their choice.

New emerging markets do not occur every day and just as hip-hop added a new market to the music world, Straightup twenty-one is looking to add our version of blackjack to the gaming world. This new gaming market will be for all ages to enjoy at home and our intent is to increase player participation from the twenty-one to thirty-five year old gaming segment online as well as in casinos worldwide. Lay out the new tables, play, and win the new fun!