Straightup twenty-one (The Tri Play) came as an idea of two brothers to be part of an industry of enjoyment for people all over the world. This enjoyment is the world of the gaming gambling card-playing entertainment. Straightup twenty-one was created by Montie and Junius Pierson and was submitted for copyright 2003; December 2003 copyright was awarded for our work. With Straightup twenty-one we now wish to share with the world of gaming entertainment a new game of enjoyment for the many people who enjoy the card playing games of the gaming gambling establishments. The atmosphere and environment of the gaming gambling industry has no doubt to anyone as to the popularity, enjoyment and capitalization of our presentation of this new fun way to play. This what Montie and Junius have created here and offer can be another part of what has had billion-dollar revenue in the modern times we live. Results of people being introduced to and learning to play this new variation/version of this card game are positive predictability as popularity grows and spreads throughout the gaming gambling entertainment. The customers of the establishment’s already in place like and even love that this is attractive to them and the establishments. The establishments for their further capitalization like what is attractable of them. Lay out the new game tables and watch how people take on and enjoy another form of enjoyment for all that the gaming gambling industry has to offer.

Mr. Montie Pierson